Our Preschool

We look at children from what is called a developmental point of view, believing that each child needs to go through the same predictable stages of development , but at their own pace with their own unique style. If children are given a variety of activities to choose from, ranging from fine motor play to large motor play, and fantasy play, music and the discovery of nature, they will choose the kind of play that. feeds and fosters their own personal growth.

Young children should not be forced to sit down and work on writing letters and numbers, when what they want to do is build sand castles and ride bikes. At Rocking Horse Ranch, they will be constantly exposed to letters and numbers and other concepts within the framework of our thematic curriculum, and will pick up that knowledge as they are ready.

Children learn from their play. Each form of play is a building block on which all of their elementary school work will be based. Until a child has satisfied himself/herself in one phase of development, they cannot successfully move on to the next.

Children instinctively know what they need to work on, and as long as there is a wide variety of activities to choose from, their choices need to be respected.

We truly trust that each child will successfully move through their pre-kindergarten stages of development if they are in an atmosphere of support and stimulation. And that is our job.

We give children the opportunity to feel successful at whatever they attempt. With each accomplishment, children gain more and more confidence to tackle more and more challenges.

Building a-positive self-image is probably our most important task . When a child has that, there is nothing they can’t do!